Mount Etna trekking: Etna is quite simply one of the most spectacular and fascinating destinations on earth. It's situated between the great civilisations of Mediterranean. Stunning mountain panoramas towering over terraced foothills, delightful villages hidden amongst beautiful forests. Add to this Etna's vast bio diversity with some of the most friendly people you are ever likely to meet and the beauty of Etna begins to shine through. For more info on Etna you can check wikipedia.

Restaurants in Catania:

Our advice: Book your table only in the best restaurants, particularly if you want to eat fish or meat. Like everywhere in the world, must pay to obtain quality. Do not save money when eating fish or meat, here the climate is very hot, and old food could be very very dangerous for your stomach.

This is a list of the places where we use to go, they are all around the centre (piazza duomo). Park the car in the area between the port and via dusmet. Don't bring a lot of cash on you, credit card is better.

ambasciata del mare piazza duomo 6 095341003 sicilian
sicilia in bocca via dusmet 27 095315472 sicilian
oxidiana via conte ruggero 4 095532585 japanese
antica sicilia via roccaforte 15 0957151075 sicilian
taverna coppola via pietro antonio coppola 49 095317715 sicilian
antica marina via pardo 29 095931033 sicilian



Art, history and archaeology: How to describe it on this page? Quiet impossible!!. If possible, go directly to the most important sites, because the cities in Sicily are always horrible by all points of view, and the traffic jam will ruin your holiday. The little villages are the best places to visit, like Agira, Troina, Centuripe: the feeling of walking around those little villages is to be back in the past, and people is natural and curious about tourists. Central Sicily knew a strong emigration in the recent past, so it's easy to meet old people back here for retirement. Most of them speak northern european languages.

The most important things you can see in the surroundings are:

- Baroque centre of Catania.

- "Mosaiques" Roman villa in Piazza Armerina.

- Ortigia island in Syracuse.

- Taormina.

Sports: For diving check the official website of Padi International, avoid absolutely unofficial diving clubs.

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